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Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. Open Doors aims to inspire and support individuals with learning challenges through our mentorship programs in various secondary schools across the Lower Mainland.

The advocate program will pair university, trades, college students with high school students that have similar career/academic ambitions. This will be done through email correspondence or other social media platforms. Open Doors hope to create a program in which mentors to help ease the transitions after high school and empowers those with or without learning a learning disability 

Mentorship Program


ODI 2020 Summer Mentors

Testimonial From a 2020 Mentee

"Thanks to the Open Doors' Mentorship Program, I feel more at ease going into my grade eleven years and confident that I will succeed. In our first meeting, I had zero sense of what I wanted to study, what universities to look at, or what it takes to be a Successful senior student in high school. This program helped me find topics that I was passionate about while reassuring me it was okay not to know yet.  We spoke about aspects of a university such as applications, and the financial aspects such as moving away for post-secondary or applying for scholarships. Huge thank you to both my mentor and Open doors for helping me to put my best foot forwards going into next year"

Article on the 2020 Summer Mentorship Program from the Richmond News

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